Wilkinson Mobile Catering Systems is the UK's leading manufacturer of mobile catering units. Established in 1978, our family-run business prides itself on high quality craftsmanship, friendly customer service and value for money.









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H Vans are becoming increasingly popular as a nostalgic solution to mobile catering needs and are a great investment.

Choosing a H Van for your mobile catering or retail business will, without a doubt set your business apart and will open doors of opportunity for you. These vans could potentially appreciate in value as a classic as the number of available vans for conversion decreases.

These have become one of the number one vehicles to convert into a catering unit/van.

There are many different sizes and types of H Van available. Dependant on what you intend to cook or use the van for will ultimately determine what type of H Van will be needed.

We have designed and converted many H Vans for a multitude of uses from Mobile Cafe’s, Mobile Bakery’s and Mobile Pizza Vans to name a few.


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