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We recently updated our selection of trailers and now offer the very impressive Travel Chef range, delivering exceptional facilities with remarkable utilisation of space. Highly visible and built to superior standards, our catering trailers will get you noticed and increase footfall wherever you position them. Travel Chefs can be made in GRP, 2b Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel and Circle Polished Stainless Steel.


The Catering Van Range

The Motorised Range can be adapted to suit each individual's needs. Each unit is bespoke and built to each customer's specification and style. Inspiration can be taken from our trailers and designs can be adapted to suit a motorised unit.

A Motorised unit offers businesses more freedom and sometimes flexibility in the type of events or business they do. Providing less set up time than a trailer means you can do rounds in local villages without the means to sustain permanent shops like fish and chip shops, provide meals to the homeless or elderly or to businesses on industrial estates.



At Wilkinson's we employ some of the finest engineers to ensure the best quality and only use the best materials available so that you the customer gets the best craftsmanship possible.

The material of your choice from stainless steel to composites or wood of your choosing.

Interior design and operational layout are some of the most crucial parts of a successful catering business.Creating the right professional image is paramount to this.

Pizza Vans

Contact us today to discuss our range pizza vans for sale - kitted out with everything you need to create great-tasting pizza, using wood-fired or state-of-the art LPG pizza ovens.

Size isn’t an issue either, our skilled team can work miracles with even the most compact vehicles, and we’ve found vintage Citroën H Vans to be incredibly popular choices,and their character seems to be especially appealing to passing trade. We’ve even converted a Suzuki Carry Van into a mobile pizza van,
perfect for inner city trade and areas where parking is at a premium.




Vintage H-Vans

H Vans are becoming increasingly popular as a nostalgic solution to mobile catering needs and are a great investment.

Choosing a H Van for your mobile catering or retail business will, without a doubt set your business apart and will open doors of opportunity for you. These vans could potentially appreciate in value as a classic as the number of available vans for conversion decreases.

These have become one of the number one vehicles to convert into a catering unit/van.

There are many different sizes and types of H Van available. Dependant on what you intend to cook or use the van for will ultimately determine what type of H Van will be needed.

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