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Baked Potato Units

Baked potato trailers or vans are a real traditional favourite in many towns and cities across the UK and are popular with customers looking for a warming and healthier alternative to other hot, fast foods. Great for shoppers on the go, seaside customers and in other busy city locations, potatoes are often sold by themselves or with other accompaniments. We've built many of these units over the years, most of which of still in business and serving happy customers.

Our units can be designed to be traditional in appearance and built to cater for varying volumes of customers, producing up to 300 potatoes per hour in peak periods and as few as 30 per hour in quieter periods, alongside other foodstuffs.

Call us today to discuss prices and how we could design and build you a unit to serve your own needs.


*Based on a Travel Chef 250 in GRP, inc the following equipment;

  • Jacket potato oven
  • 4 pot bain marie
  • 5 pot refrigerated bain marie
  • Undercounter fridge
  • 6 gallon water boiler
  • 16amp lighting and electrics pack inc 2 double sockets.

This is only an example each unit is built to each customers individual needs please see trailers and vans page or request a quote.


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